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Waitlist Process


The process is this –

We are taking $500 deposits on litters now.  This change has occurred due to a slow in the demand and we want to ensure that we have homes for puppies prior to pairing our dogs rather than just breed and hope for the best. Once the pairing has occurred we will notify you by email and then again once we have a CONFIRMATION OF PREGNANCY. We will only be taking deposits from 5 families for each individual litter so there is much less risk of missing out on a puppy once they arrive. Once the puppies arrive we will email all families to request information about their lifestyle along with their preferred gender and or colour. This will assist us in the allocation process that will occur at around 5-6 weeks of age. Should you not be happy with your allocated puppy we will happily refund or transfer you to another suitable litter.

We generally take the names of 5 families, who providing the litter is 5 or more, will be guaranteed a puppy from that litter. I generally announce on Facebook when mum goes into labour and if the birthing is going smoothly give regular updates throughout. For those families who are not on Facebook once our litter is born I will make contact with and advise you that the puppies have arrived safe and sound.

Allocations are done by us at 5 – 6 weeks of age, this enables us to match the temperament and personality of a puppy as closely as possible to each families needs and requests.