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Labradoodle News, Future Pairings


We have 2 puppies available who will mature between 18-23kg They are non shed fleece and will be available to leave 20th July. All puppies have been raised here indoors until 4-5 weeks of age where they then make their way to the outdoor nursery for further development. They are wormed every 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks, age appropriate vaccination, microchipped & desexed. All parents have been DNA health tested and hip & elbow scored. These puppies coming through will be the last from us due to retirement. Regardless that we are retiring we will still be here to answer any future questions for the lifetime of your puppy – we will only be a phone call or email away.

Both puppies will have wonderful outgoing natures and are raised with our adult dogs and well socialised during their 8 weeks here with us. Like all our past Krakajak puppies they will bring you many years of joy, love and laughter.

For further information please email me



Here is a sneak peek at what 2023 may have in store for us – this will of course be subject to mother nature along with the guarantee that we can be assured all puppies will find homes – we will not breed unless homes are guaranteed

This will be the year of RETIREMENT for most of OUR DOGS and US – we may continue with a couple of girls however it will be on a hobby basis rather than the scale we have in the past. We will be relocating to Fingal Head (Tweed Shire – NSW) and looking to secure a few guardian homes in this area in order to give us the option to breed should we choose to continue. We are beyond grateful to have been breeding our beautiful Australian Labradoodles going onto 14 years where during this time we have met some amazing families & people – being guardians (whom we COULD NEVER have succeeded without), families (whom many we are still in touch with) and fellow breeders. I believe that some of the friendships forged during this time will continue long into the future if not forever – Thank you to those who have supported and encouraged us. How blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to work & share the joy working in & with one of my greatest passions being my beloved pooches the rewards have been many.

Lastly but by no means least – THANK YOU to my wonderful team members, the backbone of KrakaJak whom we could not have done without – they have laughed, cried, shared our highs and lows of working with these amazing dogs, puppies and the KrakaJak Families. ALWAYS there at the drop of a hat to assist when required & at times pick up the pieces during times of crisis – a heartfelt thank you to Sam, Cheryl, Tracie, Kelly & Christine M. Your efforts have never gone unnoticed.

All this occurred as a team effort and ALWAYS right there beside me encouraging was Murray, my husband – the supporter, the greenskeeper, the¬†shoulder to cry on when things didn’t go right. He is the “fun police” with our dogs and oh boy don’t they let us know when he arrives home – the greeting is “noisy” to say the least. So thank you Murray the name “Krakajak” has been us as a team effort.

For those who are fortunate enough to already have one of our Krakajak puppies or to those who will join the Krakajak family in the future please be assured that our love and support will continue to be offered and we hope that with more time on our hands we may be able to meet up and have play dates in our new location.


All proposed pairings will be announced here, instagram & facebook and should we not feel confident that we can have puppies join families the pairing will not go ahead

SIAM & HUDSON – LARGE MEDIUM – SMALL STANDARD 18-23KG –¬†Both Siam & Hudson are very chill so you can be assured that their progeny will follow suit.






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