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Lighthouse Cream Delight – Delilah – Standard – RETIRED

Lighthouse Cream Delight – Delilah – Standard – RETIRED

This beautiful cream girl has the most divine fleece coat that is like silk to touch and just like her coat her temperament is just as soft. Delilah will grow into the larger range of standard and it is with much excitement that we watch this special girl grow. Delilah has come to us from Lighthouse Labradoodles and we are positively thrilled to have her here at KrakaJak. Delilah’s dad is a stunning red Labradoodle and mum a chalk fleece coated Labradoodle.

Delilah has been tested clear of the 12 genetically inherited diseases tested for.

Delilah has been hip and elbow scored – Hips 2 Elbow 0.

Delilah carries for red/gold and chocolate.