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Krakajak Starman – Bowie – Medium

Krakajak Starman – Bowie – Medium

This “cracker” was a result of my dream. The moment he was born we knew he was special and special he is. He is confident yet not demanding, he is fun-loving yet not over the top he really is just the full package. We adore this boy and he and Murray have a very special bond. Bowie will not only carry on the lines of our original Labradoodles here at KrakaJak but inject the wonderful trademarks of his dad Timmy all the way from California.

What the future holds with boy is just so exciting and we can not wait to see his progeny whilst thoroughly enjoying his company along the way.

Bowie is not affected by the 21 genetically inherited diseases tested for .

Bowie carries for parti, red, cream, chocolate and abstract.

Hips & Elbow – Hips 4+3=7 Elbows 0