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KrakaJak Scouts Honour – miniature – Australian Labradoodle

KrakaJak Scouts Honour – miniature – Australian Labradoodle

This stunning boy is the smallest of our boys weighing in at only 11kgs but what he lacks in size he has in personality. He is very much loved by his guardian family both human and canine. He is a tri coloured sable with a gorgeous fleece coat and his DNA colour range ensures when paired with the right girl a rainbow litter can be produced. Scout loves water but his favourite past time is hanging onto his canine sister’s tail as she attempts to run around the yard. We are ever so grateful to Karen and family for providing Scout with the best home possible and for showering him with love. As Karen once said to me “everyone needs a little bit of Scouty in their lives” and we couldn’t agree more!!

Scout carries for red, chocolate, tri and sable

Scout has been tested clear of 20 diseases tested for

Hips 3 + 3 = 6 Elbows 0