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Sassy is our lovely big red girl. Her mother was a standard chalk Labradoodle and her dad a purebred standard red poodle.

She is a regal girl who flatly refuses to chase a ball but put her on the beach and will run and run and run. She has a placid nature and loves nothing more than to sit at your feet and stare into your eyes. I liken her personality to “a leaf on the water” as she just goes with the flow and is totally undemanding. Sassy is simply a lovely easygoing girl whom we adore.

She has given us beautiful litters of puppies and took motherhood in her stride.

Sassy has produced her final litter of 11 beautiful Red babies. She will now retire here with us and live as the family “lap” dog just as she deserves. Sassy has been the pioneer girl here at KrakaJak and her legacy will live on through Stella, Jarrah and Cruze. During her breeding career Sassy and her puppies have spread so much joy to families all over Australia (and one now living in New Zealand). To Sassy we “thank you” you are the perfect angel and we love you xxx.

Sassy has been tested clear of PRCD-PRA & Von Willebrand’s Disease.
Sassy has been hip and elbow scored with Hip Grade 2 – Elbow Grade 0.

Sassy carries for red.