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KrakaJak Martini – Olive – Miniature – Now Retired

KrakaJak Martini – Olive – Miniature – Now Retired

She may be small in frame (7kg) but boy she makes up for it in character. Olive was out of our gorgeous Gracie with dad being Scout. She loves everything about life and can often be seen hopping around the backyard (with her partner in crime, sister Cha Cha) chasing butterflies, moths and grasshoppers. We can not wait to see Olive as a mum as her maternal instincts are evident in the way she loves to be around our puppies and the way she gathers up and nurtures her toys. Olive lives the life of luxury with her sister Cha Cha in a guardian home close by and we couldn’t be happier to see this absolute match made in heaven.

Olive carries for gold, chocolate, parti

Hips 4+4 = 8 Elbows 0

Olive has been DNA health tested clear for all diseases tested for