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KrakaJak Behold a Son – Reuben – Medium

KrakaJak Behold a Son – Reuben – Medium

Our gorgeous Reuben was the result of Saffron and Archie – we so wanted to carry on the Archie lines due to his sublime nature and coupled with Saffron of the same nature we did just that. Reuben will eventually take over where Archie leaves off. Reuben has simply taken the best of both mum and dad with nature and coat. We are excited to see him become a dad in 2020. Reuben is fortunate to live a wonderful life with his dad Archie and awesome guardian family. Living right on the beach it’s no doubt both boys are “living the dream”

Reuben carries for red, chocolate & abstract

Hips 6+3=9

Reuben has been DNA health tested clear for all diseases tested for