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Krakajak Amazing Grace – Miniature – NOW RETIRED

Krakajak Amazing Grace – Miniature – NOW RETIRED

They say great things come in small packages and that sums up our little Gracie to a tee. Her mother is a Blue Roan Spoodle and dad a parchment Labradoodle. At this stage we are still unsure of what colour this little girl will develop into. She carries a myriad of colours in her DNA so the colour of her future puppies will also be quite a surprise. Her coat is the most amazing soft fleece and very easy to manage.

Gracie adores both people and dogs alike but believes she is a person rather than a dog. Gracie is very attached to me and is my constant shadow. She is very cat like and keeps herself meticulously clean and her favourite spot to sit outside is up on our windowsill.

I am looking forward to watching this this little surprise package develop and to also to see what she produces in the future.

Gracie has been tested clear of PRCD-PRA and Von Willebrand’s Disease.
Gracie has been Hip and Elbow Scored – Hips grade 1 Elbows grade 0.

Gracie carries for chocolate and parti.